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High-quality standards and special solutions from “K2” ensure our customer’s high-performance resistors for elevator segments. “K2” can supply standard, custom, or totally newly designed dynamic braking resistor solutions for all elevator applications. Major elevator manufacturers, elevator controller manufacturers, VFD drive dealers & system houses across India trust “K2” for our quality and timely despatches for their requirements of DBR For Lifts & Elevators


Pioneers in the industry, we offer aluminum housed braking resistors and DBR for lifts & elevators from India.

  • Aluminum Housed Braking Resistors “AL-B Series” (60 watts to 4000 watts)  are the most popular offerings for the elevator industry. Our DBR For Lifts & Elevators finds applications in all types of Elevators & Escalators such as high-speed elevators, home elevators, goods elevators, parking lifts, hydraulic elevators, etc.

  • Our “K2” DBR For Lifts & Elevators is used along with almost all major drive brands such as Fuji, Delta, Monarch, Invt, Schneider, ABB, Siemens, etc.

  • Aluminum Housed Braking Resistors “AL-B Series” (60 watts to 4000 watts): “K2” Manufactures high-quality aluminum housed resistors specifically designed for dynamic braking applications. The resistor construction is fully welded and the resistive elements are supported on ceramic. All the raw materials used in the process are flameproof grade. “K2” DBR For Lifts & Elevators has excellent short-term overload characteristics.

  • “AL-B” Series resistors have found wide-ranging applications for the Elevator Industry.

Technical Details:

Material: Aluminium

Brand: K2

Shape: Rectangle

Source of Origin: Made in India

Power Source: Electricity

Power Ratings: 60 W to 5000 W

Ohmic Value: 1 Ω to 10K Ω

Temprature Co-efficient: 150 ppm/ DegreeC

Dielectric Strength: 2.0 KV A.C For 1 Min

Insulation Resistance: 2Mohm @500V D.C

Overload Withstanding: 10X for 5 seconds

Color: Silver


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