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We, K2 ENGINEERS are a Mumbai-based ISO-9001-2015 certified company, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of power resistors with high performance and an excellent quality policy. Major elevator manufacturers, Elevator controller manufacturers, VFD drive dealers, and most system houses all over India trust K2 ENGINEERS for our unbeatable quality and timely dispatches. Our extensive range of products includes Silicone Coated Radial Resistors, Aluminum Housed Braking Resistors, Aluminum Housed Power Resistors, Battery Discharge Load Bank, Resistance Box, Wet Load Banks, and many more. Besides, they can be modified by us in light of non-inductive requirements.

Working under the direction and leadership of Mr. Ketan Gada, we have been successful in attaining a high level of customer credibility and trust. Additionally, his proficiency and expertise in this domain have assisted us in garnering a huge customer base across the national market. Furthermore, his strong yearning to learn more has helped us in taking our company towards newer horizons of success and victory.


Our team fosters a self-motivated desire to deliver excellent products to our clients. At the outset of the process, we collaborate to understand the customer’s requirements. Our technical team frames a design for such requirements and looks after the customization requests if any. We procure the best quality raw material for our production processes and maintain good upkeep of our machines for achieving standardized and accurate parameters. Continual quality control during the entire course of production is at the heart of our production process undoubtedly, resulting in:

High Quality | Timely Dispatches | Value for Money



All types of AC Drive panels, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Microprocessor Frequency Controllers, and inverters make use of power resistors in order to stop the rapid speed of an AC induction motor. We regularly supply our materials to machines involved in automation industries like steel plants, cement plants, slip ring motors, printing presses, and textiles. Such industries make use of aluminum-housed braking resistors as well as wire-wound resistors which are of fixed values or adjustable types.

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Industrial Automation


Elevators use electric motors to lift and lower the car. The energy generated during the braking process is usually absorbed by the motor, which can cause it to overheat and potentially fail. By using dynamic braking resistors, the energy generated during braking is dissipated as heat, which helps to protect the motor and improve the overall efficiency of the elevator system. They are often used in conjunction with other braking methods such as mechanical brakes, to ensure a smooth and safe operation of the elevator Our Aluminium Housed Braking Resistors and Wire Wound Resistors with IP20 Galvanized Enclosures are primarily used for such applications. The resistors are usually mounted at the top or next to the control panel.



A dynamic braking resistor can be used in a crane system to help dissipate the kinetic energy generated by the moving load when the crane’s hoist motor is decelerating. By converting the kinetic energy into heat, the resistor helps to slow down the load and prevent it from swinging or overspeeding. The dynamic braking resistor is typically connected to the DC bus of the crane’s drive and is activated when the hoist motor is decelerating faster than the drive can safely control. Dynamic braking Resistors with higher power wattages like Punched Grid Resistors are usually used for such applications.

Construction site
Cranes ad Hoists
Electrical Circuit


In motor control systems, a dynamic braking resistor help in reducing the speed of the motor when it’s decelerating or stopping, This prevents situations of overvoltage. In addition, dynamic braking resistors can be used in regenerative braking systems, to convert the energy generated during braking into heat and store it for future use. Dynamic braking resistors can also be used in renewable energy applications, such as wind or solar power, to help regulate the output power and prevent the overspeeding of the generator. Usually, Silicone Coated Wire Wound Resistors are used for such applications.

Industrial Electricals


A dynamic braking resistor is used in various applications where controlled deceleration or braking of moving objects is required. It is heavily used in testing equipment to slow down and stop moving test objects, such as vehicles, aircraft, or heavy machinery, in a controlled manner. It can also be used in material testing equipment, such as torsion testers, to apply a load and then stop the rotating specimen in a controlled manner. Load testing is another common application of a power resistor. For such applications, high-valued power resistors are usually used.

Research & Development
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Old Industrial Machinery


Initiated operations in 1998, “K2 Engineers” is a Mumbai-based “ISO 9001: 2008” Certified Company, a leading manufacturer of a wide range of Power Resistors maintaining consistent quality & dependable service.

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